The Remarkable Journey of Maurice Rollins – By Orland French

The story of Maurice Rollins is the study of a man who never quits and never ceases to be compelled in his search for new business ideas. Even in his 80s, he still drives to work through snowstorms to be at the office by 7:30 a.m.

For many years, Maurice Rollins has been returning part of his wealth to the community. He does it quietly, not seeking publicity. He and his wife Marilyn have become recognized philanthropists to the larger organized charities, but quite a few individuals have also benefited form his anonymous gifts when they were facing adversity.

The most public of his donations was his contribution, and loss, of one million dollars to help create a community cultural centre in his home town of Belleville, Ontario. The complete story is presented in depth in this book. For a million dollars, Maurice Rollins deserves at least that.

 He did this while all his life being plagued by depression. His life story  is recorded in the book “A Remarkable Journey of Maurice Rollins”, by Orland French. In publishing this book, Mr. Rollins pledged all its proceeds to the Canadian Mental Health Association.

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