CMHA provides transitional housing for people 16 and up and seniors who are either homeless or at risk of homelessness. A total of twenty rooms, in four different houses, are available.

Information and Referral

The Information and Referral Program addresses the many calls (or drop-ins) that are received from people or family members/friends of people who have a mental illness. Most calls are from people who need to know that someone cares and that there are options and resources available either at the Canadian Mental Health Association or in the community. CMHA has a tracking system in place that records all related incoming calls along with the nature of the call. This system also measures services that need the most attention.

Return To Work

We offer support for people who have a mental illness or a mental health problem to prepare for, access and keep competitive employment.

We help people become job-ready, advising on the steps towards acceptance, particularly with interview techniques and issues of self-confidence. We provide fallback assistance during the early months in a job.

Assertive Telephone Outreach Program

Working in partnership with Quinte Healthcare Corporation, The Canadian Mental Health Association and Hastings & Prince Edward Branch assists in providing volunteers for the Belleville General Hospital’s Crisis Intervention Centre. CMHA recruits and orients the volunteers. Trained volunteers call Association for Trauma Outreach & Prevention (ATOP) participants. All referrals come from the crisis centers.

Public Education Program

The Public Education Program’s goals are to encourage a more positive response towards mental health problems and promote community acceptance by providing information on our website and hosting numerous public awareness displays throughout our area as requested.


Our counselling services are for people in our community 24 years and over who want to improve their mental health. Our team deals with a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, relationship issues, addiction, recovery and grief. We help our clients to develop wellness tools and coping techniques in the post-crisis stage to improve outcome.