Support Groups

Support Groups

Contact our office at (613) 969-8874 or email at  for more information and/or to register. 

Please check our Event Calendar for upcoming group times.

Adult Colouring

Every Friday 1-3 p.m.

A fantastic way to reduce stress. Colouring supplies are provided and this is a drop in program, all are welcomed and no registration is needed for this relaxing activity.

Anxiety and Depression Support Group

The Anxiety and Depression Support Group focuses on the management of recovery.  This is an 8 week program with workbook components that are take home tools to practice as the group moves through the program.

This is only offered twice a year, and fills quickly.

Anger Management

We host separate groups for men and women.

Our supportive program helps participants learn how to understand the complexities of anger, how anger goes awry, how to change their experiences of anger and how to respond to another person’s anger.

However, this course does not only deals with anger, but stress management in general. Group discussions and worksheets allow participants to acknowledge that life comes with complications, but with the proper tools and conditioning we can change our responses from negative to positive.

Other topics relating to the subject of anger will also be explored such as self-esteem, assertiveness, anxiety and depression.

Healthy Masculinity

What is healthy masculinity? Is there un-healthy masculinity? Do we mean masculine as a John Wayne type of masculine, or a stay-at-home dad type of masculine? Is there even a difference? Healthy masculinity conjures up questions that can be confusing. Likewise, it conceals the nature of what healthy masculinity really is. Health is subjective, and this group talks about that and so much more. Does healthy mean physical, mental or relationship? It means all of it.

This is a drop in program, running every Thursday afternoon from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm.

Living Life To The Full

This group meets for 90 minutes once a week for 8 weeks. Trained and certified facilitators will teach materials and lead group activities to help you practice different skills or strategies. The sessions are designed to help participants identify problem areas and provide the tools and skills to make changes. People from all walks of life – including all ages – can benefit from one of the Living Life to the Full courses! This program is for anyone dealing with stress, anxiety or just needing help in dealing with life’s challenges. The Living Life to the Full courses can also help anyone in periods of transition; whether it’s getting ready to leave high school, preparing for retirement or moving to a new community. Be advised this program does have a wait list and the fee is $50.00 to cover the cost of materials.

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Recovery Group

The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) recovery group is an 8-week course which uses a psychoeducational approach to teach participants the signs and symptoms of trauma and PTSD. In this group participants also practice a number of self-help techniques including mindfulness, relaxation and challenging negative thought patterns. Be advised that this program does have a wait list.

Suicide Bereavement

This is a closed group, supporting family members through the loss of someone to suicide. This is an 8 week program, with three facilitators. This group directly leads into another group called New Me, in which there will be another 8 week group focusing on living while someone’s gone. This group is only for the family members or close friends – no observers or students.  Be advised there is a wait list for this program.